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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Red, White and Blue

I got totally screwed over by the idiotic regulations for vacation time @ work. SB went to Liberty, NY by his lonesome to hang out w/ our friends for 4 days. All alone :( Absence makes the heart grow fonder, I suppose. Blah, blah, blah. Cliche, cliche, cliche.

I took my pathetic ass up to the Adirondacks to my parents' log cabin, The Misfits blaring loudly from my iPhone. Last time I was up there, my mother was completely awful to me. This time, I had a really nice time hiking and swimming and sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Bedtime was 9 am.

The absolute highlight was watching the perennial favourite, the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Challenge. Every year I pray that Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas will pull an upset and kick all the boys' asses. She is ranked #6 in the world for competitive eating. And she weighs 90 lbs. 90lbs! This year seemed slightly off, for starters Kobayashi "The Tsunami" chose not to compete over a contract dispute. Then winner Joey Chestnut could only eat 54 dogs, the humidity really created a major barrier for the gurgitators. But the mustard on the dog was Kobayashi showing up to Coney Island anyway and storming the stage, held w/out bail.

How was yr holiday?


Cheeks said...

We went to the cottage with a few friends - it was nice. The lake association did a few fundraisers this year and they raised enough $ for 2 barges to sit out in the middle of the lake and shoot off some pretty good fireworks. It was nice to hang out in the yard and oooooh ahhhh.

But now that I'm back home, I wish the fuckers in my neighborhood would STOP with the effin' bottle rockets. Fuckers!

Sorry you got screwed on vacation time. But at least you got caught up on yer beauty sleep. =)

FESI-NOIR said...

Nice blog!

xx fesi-fashion

phairhead said...

Cheeks: what the hell is wrong w/ people? sheesh!

Fesi: thanks :D

Just A. Girl said...

Hmm. Bedtime was 9am? :)

Glad you had fun with your mom. It sounds like you two needed it.

phairhead said...

JAG: that mountain air made me tired :D

Leslie said...

Hey, that sounds awesome and Emersonian like. :)

My 4th was good. Blogged about it with eleventy billion pics. I still haven't recovered. Man, I'm old. Or pregnant. One of those. Possibly both.

phairhead said...

Leslie: I'm old too! I was sleeping & it was still light out :D