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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cold Fronts

Before I get to my Top Chef recap. please check this out on Albany Jane's blog for an awesome give away for a $125 to CSN store. Go now!

OK, yr back. For the Quickfire Challenge, Padma & frequent guest judge Michelle Bernstein were waiting w/ open arms to greet the cheftestants. Along w/ disgusting & creepy ingredients. They drew knives and started picking away. Angelo chose duck testicles, he wanted to make them into marshmallows. Naturally. About half way through, Padma screams for everyone to switch their nasty ass proteins to their cheftestant on the left. Wow, that's cold! Sucking it hard were Andrea's uninspired boar (personally I wouldn't want to chow down on a tough pig unless I was stuck on a mysterious Island), Stephen's confused frog legs (can we just send him home already!) & Alex's (oh darn!) over cooked ostrich. The winner of immunity and sitting out of the Elimination Challenge was Kelly's emu egg omelet. She's kinda growing on me...a little..sorta.

For the Elimination Challenege, the cheftestants had to cook a cold dish & helping to judge the dishes would be the cheftestants themselves. They were split into 2 teams, 6 people cooking and 6 people judging. As you can imagine, it was a blood bath of epic proportions. They all hated each other! Angelo seemed keen to "help" both Tamesha & Stephen. Amanda served chicken w/ cartilage and Alex was a bit dickish and never told her about it. Every man for himself! The winner was Kevin chilled surf (tuna) & turf (veal) w/ lettuce, pine nuts & tzakiki. Tuna, I get it. Veal? Cold? Hmm...what do I know? And packing it up was Tamesha & not Stephen! How is this possible?! You put the dog down when it has rabies, sheesh! Anyway, Tamesha had slimy scallops w/ pickled rhubarb. EW EW EW! OK, I give. See ya!

More back stabbing next week...


J. said...

ahh I just realized I can't read it yet! I'm so behind on my Top Chef episodes! I've been such a bad fan haha.

phairhead said...

jammer: spoiler alert!!

Jon in Albany said...

I get surprises and challenges, but judging a chef on how someone to the left of them prepped some unique ingredients is a little weenie. At least that wasn't an elimination challenge.

Is it me, or are there more product placements than usual this year?

phairhead said...

Jon: i know! right? total cracker jack bullshit quickfire!

I think it's more in yo' face this year w/ the placements :P