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Friday, July 16, 2010

Please Leave a Message

My iPhone has a crack on it's face and it's going into the shop. I feel like my arm has been chopped off.

I won't be around for a few days as SB & I are headed to Cooperstown area for camping and checking out the brew factories.

Be back on Monday!


Leslie said...

Have fun! In the meantime, I hope to have found the time to have mailed out your Docs. :)

M. Da Glyde Woodrow said...

You best be checking out the Baseball Hall of Fame too!

phairhead said...

les: no worries, mate! ;)

Nope, Chris is not a baseball fan

Nikki said...

Have fun camping!:D

phairhead said...

Nikki: it was incredibly fun!

Just A. Girl said...

Glad you guys had fun. Maybe the broken iPhone was a blessing in disguise to keep it peaceful. :)