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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Where's the Tommacco?

Wed = Top Chef recap!

And show-mances abound! Ugh Angelo is such a skeevy scumbag! He's developed some sort of "thing" for Tamesha. She says Angelo is her mentor. Ick! Really?! Plus, isn't he married? I could have sworn I saw a wedding band on his hand. And Ed is trying to get all snuggly w/ Tiffany, I don't think Tiff is that enthralled by Ed.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had crabs. HAHAHAHA! Bad pun is now officially out of the way. Let me tell you, there was a whole lotta crab vivisection in Quickfire. No mercy killing at all. Lots of hacking and whacking of live crab. And sucking it hard were Andrea for too many potatoes and not enough crab in her crab salad, Amanda and her half assed weirdly concocted crab salad w/ juniper berry gelee (EWWWWW!!!), & Kevin for lack of crab in his crab chowder. And winning the challenge and immunity was Ed and his jumbo lump crab Asian flavoured salad. Ed's food seems great but I don't like him as a human.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants will be traveling to a farm to make lunch for 40 people family style. Minimum of 6 dishes allowed and everyone must work together as a team of 12. Y-IPES! Lots of yelling and cursing ensued. To simplify things, the cheftestants worked w/ their partners from the previous challenge, much to Ed's disappointment as he has a huge hard on for Tiffany. And of course he says to his partner Alex, "No offense but..." Guess what, Ed? When you use that phrase, you totally want to offend someone.

And the big wiener was Kenny and his curried eggplant. I hate eggplant, you could drench it in chocolate and nuts and 24 carat gold and I still wouldn't eat it. But yeah Kenny! And it's great to see a vegetarian dish get 1st prize. And going home was Tim and his shitty beets. Fine w/ me but dammit, Stephen was spared yet again! He made a flippin' salad. He didn't actually cook anything. At least Tim cooked his veg.

Stay tuned....


Just A. Girl said...

I love Top Chef. I can't believe all the mini-romance this season. Usually we don't see any of that. I agree that Angelo is acting skeezy.

phairhead said...

Must be all that pent up energy from being sequestered from the real world :D

Jon in Albany said...

Back from vacation and I caught up on Top Chef last night. Sometimes the food looks amazing, this episode, it just looked so-so. I think I am picking Kelly as my long shot to win it. But now that I've said that, she's doomed tomorrow. Sorry Kelly.

I really want to go eat in one of Eric Ripert's restaurants. Ever see his show on PBS? There were some very good episodes.

Jon in Albany said...

Almost forgot - I have never seen tommacco referenced before. Nicely done.

phairhead said...

Jon: I have not seen Ripert's show but I am a fan of Jean Pepin :D.

Word up, everything looked mushy!

"This tastes like Grandma!" -- Ralph Wiggum