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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labour Intensive

Man, oh man, do I loves me some 3 day weekends!

This year, instead of going away, my dear dear close friends (& their 3 y/o!) came to visit us and our "new" house.

It's fun to entertain a 3 y/o, we spent most of the weekend at the neighborhood playground.

The above pic is my friend, not me., FYI.
SexyBeast is King of the World! I too also made it down and over the twisty rock wall o' doom. I had a panic attack and almost didn't make it! Believe, even though this is an elementary school playground, that shit was hard to finish. This got me thinking, SB and I are going to hit up our local rock climbing wall facility.

We also had some kick ass Thai food. I like mine spicy spicy spicy! And Bangkok Thai's green basil curry did not disappoint. I had a Dirty Girl Scout and my friend had a Bikini-tini.

We also hit up the Schenectady Farmer's Market. It's tiny but it's great & I think the prices can't be beat. If you live the upstate NY area, do yrself a favour and pick a container of gluten free non-dairy potato dip by Zorba's Natural Foods. I got the horseradish and dill flavour. HOLY WOW!!! So freakin' good!

I leave you all to ponder this:


Lydia said...

I have a slayer shirt very similar to homer's! Doh!!

phairhead said...

Great minds think alike :D

M. Da Glyde Woodrow said...

What does your title mean?