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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mama's Fallen Angel

I was so busy catching up on my guilty pleasure show, Teen Mom, that I missed the beginning of Top Model. Ann, that tall rascal, enlisted Rhianna & Lexi's help in creating a fake list of make overs. MUHAHAHAHA! So crafty. Oh, it's going to be a long season.

But yes yes, it's make over time! Most of them looked better, Kayla has awesome red hair. I likes it! Liz looks cute w/ super short hair. Except she threw a hissy fit. But what the hell happened to Sara? Chocolate brown shoulder length hair which is fine but they fucking gave her uber light blond eyebrows. Blech! Also, Chelsey had her teeth gap widen. Wait wait wait! Was it not a mere 4 years ago that Tyra(nt) made Cycle 6's winner Danielle get her gap CLOSED? Oh my head! Anyways, that sneaky Tyra(nt) thew in the challenge at the salon. The hamsters had to make their new looks work. And Terra was a big sobbing mess, Lexie lacked confidence & Liz had a pissy attitude. And in a surprise elimination Terra was sent home, much to her sister Chris' dismay. See ya around, Shorty!

For the Photo Challenge, the chicks had to don a pair of wings & step into a harness to portray a fallen angel and using an emotion or adjective of their choosing. With male models! Most of the hamsters were really terrible. Just a scant four out of 12 pictures that were outstanding. Personally, I think Rhianna got the shaft. Her picture of "hopeless/sultry" (the fuck? that doesn't go together) was much better over Chris' "broken hearted". However, winning photo went to Ann, again! Go Amazon go! And going home was Sara's blond eyebrows.

I think this episode would have been a lot more awesome if vintage Poison had been playing in the background.


J. said...

I haven't watched top model in foreverrrrr, but I love the reruns on VH1! I think I may need to get back into it!

phairhead said...

Jammer: it's so bad it's good!

Lydia said...

Sadly, I find ANTM much more compelling than the last season of Top Chef!

phairhead said...

Lydia: oh good! I thought it was just me!