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Friday, September 17, 2010

A Tale of Two Thais

If you recall this post , I was expounding on the virtues of Bangkok Bistro & Martini Bar in Sch'dy. I've never been disappointed by any of the meals I've had there....ever. Good size portions, great bartenders & SB can eat sushi up until 3 am (though sometimes w/ disastrous results!).

My oldest brother recently turned 41 & at his request, had the entire family get together for Thai food. We went to Blue Spice Thai in what was formerly Garcia's next to HoJo's in Colonie. Let's compare and contrast.

Decor goes to Blue Spice. Bangkok was a German Brahaus 40 years ago & it has never been updated. Blue Spice is light and bright and has this really awesome section of tables where you sit on long cushions and you have to take off yr shoes.

Service goes to Bangkok. We asked for chopsticks 20 times....they never came. And the entrees did not come out all at the same time which does not normally bother me but there was a long lapse and other peoples' meals started getting cold. I've never had this problem at Bangkok.

Food is a complete draw! The food is excellent in both places. I was going to have the basil curry again just to see if there was any difference but Blue Spice makes theirs w/ mushrooms & tempura eggplant. Blech blech!

I give Blue Spice a big thumbs up but I prefer Bangkok. The choice is yrs.

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