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Friday, September 24, 2010

Skinny Minnie

Top Model is back, bitches! Sorry it took so long to put up this post but I was freakin' tired on Wednesday.

We have 14 hamsters are vieing to become obsolete. Seriously, what does this show do other than feed Tyra(nt) Banks' giant ego and booty?

For the challenge, the model wannabes had to walk on a runway....suspended in the air. And they have to do their own hair and makeup. Oh Tyra, just admit it, you want to those skinny young bitches to die. But at least it's a real runway show, Diane Von Furstenberg, dontcha know? Wrap yr wrap dresses around my soul! No winner chosen, just a forced death march.

For the photo shoot, the hamsters posed in bikinis and a hateful word written on them and a their power word to counter-act the bully taunt. And winning photo of the week went to TALL Ann, she's over 6 ft tall. She quirky but I likes her and she's fucking hilarious. Ann told some of the hamsters that her ideal man is a 60 year old bearded warlock that can make sushi. LOVE! Ann has gone from "giant" to "Amazon". I also like Kayla, the cute lesbian, "queer/free". And Rhianna the hippie "stupid/undefinable", she kind of looks like Liz Phair, so obviously I love her. And packing it up was Anamaria w/ her stank ass attitude and her anorexia. She weighs 110 lbs! On purpose!

Make overs next week!


PorkStar said...

Sounds like hard work to me lol

phairhead said...

porky: oh yeah! they work really hard for their 15 minutes of fame :-)