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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Peanuts, Cracker Jack & Tuna Tartar

Another really great epi from Top Chef!

And another Top Chef Masters Alum is w/ Padma in the Quickfire kitchen, Mr. Rick Moonen.

For the Quickfire Challenge, the cheftestants had to select a food idiom and then base a dish around it. What fun! I would have chosen "Hide the salami" myself, I always win at that game. And the winning dish will be a featured item on the Schwann's menu. And sucking hard core were Amanda's "big cheese" of mac n' cheese w/ jalapenos & a pork chop. Ha! Moonen said it was like "a sledge hammer to his gut!" In theory, that sounds delish but it sounds like the pork w/ the cheese was too heavy. And also Kelly's "sour grapes" of chicken breast, Brussel sprouts and a red grape sauce. The flavours did not harmonize. I gotta be honest, grape sauce does not sound appealing. And the big wiener was Ed's "hot potato" of gnocchi and spring veggies. NOM NOM NOM! But I still dislike Ed!

The Elimination Challenge was a bit annoying because they had to work as a team but were going to be doing their own separate dishes. Harumph! What's the point? Anyway.....the cheftestants had to create an upscale ball park dish & they had to cook at the ball park (the place where the Washington Senators play). And going for the double win of Quickfire and Elimination was Ed. BOO! He made corn and risotto fritters. Not a huge fritter fan, something about the texture of fried corn. Blech! And packing it up was Amanda. About time! She was waaaayyy out of her league. Who decides to make tuna tartar at a baseball park? Bad choice! Plus, her tuna had oxidized before she had a chance to serve it.

Top Chef is winding down but, never fear, I will be recapping "Top Chef: Just Desserts.


Jon in Albany said...

Tuna tartare was such a weird idea for a baseball stadium. Although, my brother was at Citi Field and told me they had a sauteed sole concession....we live in weird times.

I think from here on out, it is anyone's for the taking. Whichever chef has an off day will go home.

phairhead said...

Jon: and at Safeco Field in Seattle, they serve sushi. But I think the main point is they don't have Amanda there making sole or sushi....mean I know but she SUCKS