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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

No Girls Allowed

Well, folks, we are in the home stretch of this season's Top Chef.

The final four are in Singapore, hmm spicy spicy!

The cheftestants were being shown around an open air street food market w/ this really cool food expert named Seetoh. Lots of tasting, nibbling, watching the street vendors cook in their faces. And I as predicted, for the Quickfire, the cheftestants had to replicate a Singapore street food dish. It was freakin' intense, Ed & Kevin were sweating all over the place, none of the ingredients were labeled. Woo whee! And then Padma got all up on Kevin's grill for admitting he's never used a wok before. Holy fuckos, I've never seen Padma get so worked up before! I gotta say, I think that's total bullshit. Kevin's worked in the restaurant business for a long time, I find it hard to believe he's never had Wok 101. Anyways, Ed won the Quickfire w/ his stir fry noodles and lobster. Ed now has an automatic "in" to the finale.

For the Elimination Challenge, the cheftestants had to cater a party for 80 people and cook their Sinapore style dishes "a la minute". Ed decides to make 2 dishes but kept that to himself. Then Colicchio started flipping out, all bug eyed and crazy "1 DISH PER CHEF! WHY?!" More scrambling around, except for Ed. Ed and his fritters and sweet n' sour pork won. Hmm. And packing it up was Kelly. I'm surprised! She's a much better chef than Kevin. Top Chef is sexist! You heard it here first.

Out of the final 3 cheftestants, I am reluctantly rooting for Ed.

The end is next week but also the beginning of my Top Chef: Just Desserts & also Top Model. Food and fashion! My 2 fave things!


Jon in Albany said...

I was surprised Ed was so quick to say "I was planning to do 2 dishes." All he had to do was agree to the 2nd dish and continue. Instead he pissed off the other 3. Although pissing people off is his style.

Kelly was very close. Sounded like she cut the fish a little wrong and that is what did it. I agree she is better than Kevin. And on that night, I think she may have been better than Angelo too.

I am curious to see what the final challenge is and who the judges are. Singapore seems like a strange place to tell the chef's to go off without a budget and cook the meal of your life.

Ed is looking like the one to beat. I'll follow you to the Top Chef Baking show, but you are on your own for the models....

phairhead said...

Jon: not a fan of Top Model? ;-) hee hee!

Yeah, looks like Ed was a dark horse contender. I still ask "Where the ladies at?"

Lydia said...

Ed's a douchebag. Just look at his eyebrows. Worst. Season. Ever. Seriously, I'm so over it.

phairhead said...

Lydia: agreed and he's a loud mouth too! WORST.SEASON.EVER.