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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Speedy Thunk

The TT questions are brought to you by Berleen, the color of my kitchen table and the number 45.

10. What number blog post is this for you? I don't remember, nearly 200 I think.

9. You are driving down a road and your GPS says turn right, but the road has a Dead End sign. You check your GPS and according to it's map, there is a road at
the end of the Dead End road that you need to turn onto. Do you follow the GPS? No, machines think too much for me already.

8. If you had a $2 bill, would you spend it? Yes, get rid of it immediately! Bad luck!

7. When there is nobody else around and you sneeze or cough, do you cover your mouth? 99.9% of the time

6. You are a DJ at a radio station and your
first guest is Bud... what is the first question you are going to ask him? "What's yr song request?" I don't do talk radio, all music all the time.

5. Have you ever stopped to help a stranger with a flat tire? No, I would do more harm than good.

4. You get on an airplane and you find that your seat neighbor is Kimber... what do you talk about or do you ignore her completely? Exchange pleasantries & occasionally make sarcastic remarks to each other.

3. Have you ever rode an elephant? YES! When I was 5 at the Catskill Game Farm. My cousin was so jealous that I got to be up front.

2. Time to bitch & moan! What is your biggest complaint about your current friends on Facebook? I don't get enough compliments.

1. School is back in session for all little girls and boys now. What, in your life, changes when kids go back to school? Dang school buses are always in the way when I'm late!


Unknown said...

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Hootin' Anni said...

So what's it like to be on the 'front' side of the elephant?

My Thursday Thunks are posted now if you'd like to stop by.

I am Harriet said...

HA! You got 'em with the elephant. Too funny.

Have a great day!

Stacy said...

I'm with you on #6....more music please. If I want talk, I'll watch The View. :P

Anonymous said...

i once found a $3 wait, there i go again!...

Bud Weiser, WTIT said...

Can you play "Creep" by Radiohead? ;)

Albany Jane said...

I rode the elephant at Catskill Game Farm when I was a kid, too! I think I remember being not big enough one year I went, and crying like crazy b/c my older cousins could.

PorkStar said...

lol ah nice answers... but i cant imagine sitting on an elephant with my legs spread so wide open... i'd get hurt. I think

phairhead said...

Happy Thursday everyone!

Anni: It was a little scary to be so high up!

eternal: there you go again :*

Bud: I'd be insulted if you didn't ask!

AJ: fucking cousins ruin everything!

Porkstar: uhhhhh......what are you doing to yr elephant that yr spreading yr legs?